DJ South Menace, also known as the rapper Caesar,
is born in Haarlem in 1993, where he spent much of his childhood grew up.
At the age of 11 he moved to Heiloo, which still retains its current residence.
With half Dutch, half Aruban descent.
Also there's the name: Dj South Menace.
From Urban to the South American music.

As a small boy, he started playing drums, what he has done for years.
He has also played in various bands.
At the age of fourteen, he went to the inland navigation school.
Here he has another side of music.
The vocal side and the rap. This he carries every day in his studio.

At the age of 18, he began in the Youth Centre ' the BukBuk ' in Heiloo.
It started with a number of impressions run without any experience.
The next year he built a private studio to more serious to continue as rapper.
This studio he used also to prepare themselves when he should run as a DJ.
He also learned much from other DJ's from the Youth Centre.
He learned quickly and soon he wanted more.
He turned now every Friday night at ' the BukBuk '.
Where he left at the end of 2014.
Looking for new challenges.
Soon he was allowed to run also at parties and birthdays.

At the end of 2013, he decided that he wanted to expand.
He abolished better equipment, and he was increasingly asked to the music at parties.
He turned twice in 2014 along with the locally famous DJ Bullit in café de Range.
He only turned solo in 2015, as DJ South Menace.
He has performed in the Buona Sera Uitgeest, where he now has a weekly spot.
And most of the guests the favorite dj is.
DJ South Menace has it in all its activities to his liking and is positive about the future.
Partners with Double Dutch and Timo Verpoort


Experience The Art Of South Menace

Enjoy Every Party.


- Buk Buk, Heiloo

- Café De Scala , Castricum

- Buona-Sera, Uitgeest

- Mex Beachbar, Castricum

-  Cinema club & café, Amsterdam

- Café 't Steegje, Beverwijk



- Chique Events

- Super Saturday

- Moombahlicious

- South Menace Takes Over








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